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ARHAM Group stands out not only due to excellent warehousing facilities, but also because we take care of your 360° business requirements. We also provide you a total investment solution yielding regular high returns without being affected by market instability. With Arham’s FIP Scheme, we have re-engineered the old proverb ‘No Risk No Gain’ with ‘NO RISK ONLY GAIN’.

When you invest in Arham’s FIP scheme, you own a warehouse, which yields you high returns in the form of monthly rent. It is the safest long-term investment assuring you regular fixed returns and at the same time is least risky. Another advantage of this unique scheme is, even as you enjoy continuous monthly income on your investment, you also get the benefit of property appreciation and retain the right to re-sale at any point of time.

Total Advantages At A Glance :

12 to 15% returns on the investment per annum, payable every month
12 to 15% escalation in rent, every 3 years
5 to 10% appreciation of your property, every year
30% standard maintenance deduction on Income Tax, effectively reducing tax on rental income by 9%
Option to encash projected rents from Banks
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